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From: Play  Subject: She got a little carelss as the night turned to morning.

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From: Delfino  Subject: Caught this lady just after a day at the beach.

From: Pic  Subject: Tourists hanging out by an eating place

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From: Jamie  Subject: My girlfriend invited her friend over to our backyard for an afternoon in the sun.Her girlfriend, Lynn, has fairly big boobs like my girlfriend. They both had their tops lowered way down and the straps off of their shoulders completely when Lynn said "hey, can you give me a quick shoulder rub?" While doing this quick massage, I noticed her top was continuing to fall lower and lower and she wasn't pulling it back up! I grabbed my camera and took several pictures of her top from just above her shoulders (I had the shutter on silent mode).

From: Mike  Subject: My wife was chatting with some friends in the garden and I had a nice view from the 1st floor..