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From: Vee  Subject: I like to watch girls play beachvolley. Anything could happen.

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From: Hoppe  Subject: My friend's wife at the restaurant with a really nice dress.. Of course I was in the right part of the table ;-)


From: Dutch  Subject: I took this video at a street market in Munich a couple of years ago. These girls were running a booth where they sold leather outfits like the ones they were wearing. Sadly, I could not talk by girlfriend into buying one of the outfits, but it was still a good day... check out the vid!

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From: Sam  Subject: She thought I had problems with the camera while she was watching TV.


From: Stew  Subject: Here are a couple of my wife Tara doing a spot of painting. She never wares a bra at home and I used the guise of taking before and after photo's.