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From: Rich  Subject: It was a hot day when she was cleaning her car!

From: Anonymous  Subject: Since I moved to SE Asia I've become a morning person. Seems a lot of girls here get those morning chores done in whatever hot-weather clothing they wore to bed.
A few years ago I used to be up before 6 every morning so I'd be ready with my coffee and camera by the back window when this sweety came out to water the flowers. The flowers were on sort of a deck just below her porch, so she had to bend way over to get `em.

From: Sly  Subject: A day at the beach...here the second part.

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From: Anonymous  Subject: She was working at home on 2 different ocassions, thinking she was by herself. Well think again I did zoom into a couple which are the best shots, I love the nipple caressed by her cashmere shirt.

From: MickeyMouse  Subject: I love to go camping :)